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Verily, it is enjoined upon you to offer a feast, once in every month, though only water be served; for God hath purposed to bind hearts together, albeit through both earthly and heavenly means.

--Bahá’u’lláh, The Kitab-i-Aqdas, paragraph 57



Bahá’í Devotions

Most of our devotional programs can also be used for Feasts.  Please check out our devotionals section.

Curtis C. Wynne 19 Day Feast
3,305KB 112KB 96KB

Includes programs for all 19 Feasts. The text for these programs was compiled by Curtis C. Wynne, On his website, The Bahá’í 19-Day Feast, he has many ideas and resources for enhancing the 19 Day Feasts.

Dallas Feast Programs





Includes programs for 12 of the 19 Feasts in various formats. A number of Feasts having multiple programs to choose from. These programs were created by Rhonda Palmer and Todd Oswald of Dallas, TX.


Children’s Feast Packets

part 1

part 2

part 3
2,943KB 2,827KB 2,910KB

part 4

2,135KB 4,335KB  


19 Feast Activity Packets & accompanying teacher’s guides for Bahá’í Children from Wellspring International in PDF format.  The children's packets are divided into four parts.

Attributes of God
715KB 345KB 308KB

Explores the attributes of God for each Feast, compiled by Bill Huitt. An excellent resource for selecting writings for Feast programs.

Daily Readings
1,064KB 243KB 233KB


These daily readings, compiled by Stephen D. Dighton, have also proved an excellent source of material for Feast Programs.

Peter L. Johnson's Feast Programs


Includes programs for 17 of the 19 Feasts in Word format as well as holy day devotionals. These programs were created by Peter L. Johnson.



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