Five Benefits of a Digital Wayfinding Kiosk

digital wayfinding kiosk

Interactive wayfinding is becoming a popular way finding feature. Whether you’re navigating a city or a medical center, a digital wayfinding kiosk provides a convenient and educational experience. By pressing’more information’, you can view more information on a particular doctor’s credentials and experience, as well as meeting room and agenda information. By following these simple steps, you can install a digital wayfinding kiosk in your facility.

Interactive wayfinding

Interactive wayfinding kiosks are a great way to give visitors an easy way to find where they are going. They provide valuable information to guide visitors to their destination and encourage exploration of the area. Visitors can use the kiosk to find the type of information they’re looking for – whether it’s a specific type of listing or a general business name. This technology can even be used to contact a business. Here are five benefits of interactive wayfinding kiosks:

For large corporate campuses, interactive wayfinding kiosks are an essential tool. They direct visitors to specific offices and workstations by geolocating, using 3D models, and sometimes printing additional directions for visitors. These kiosks also make brands and products more visible to potential customers, increasing sales and distinguishing them from their competitors. The following tips will help you get the most out of your interactive wayfinding kiosks. You can also use digital signage to make your brand more noticeable to visitors.

Benefits of digital wayfinding

The advantages of a digital wayfinding kiosk extend far beyond its ability to point people in the right direction. These devices can also improve the user experience on campus by integrating with mobile devices. In the future, these systems may even be integrated with CRM systems to track employee attendance, as well as with other systems. For instance, if an employee needs to book a meeting room, a digital wayfinding kiosk will show him or her the availability of the room.

A digital wayfinding kiosk also offers advertisers the opportunity to include their branding in its content. With its multilingual capability, it can serve as a marketing tool. A digital touchscreen with high-resolution graphics will capture the attention of potential customers, and the kiosk can include other branding elements. When customers interact with the map, they will be familiar with the company’s logo. The same aesthetics can be applied to the kiosk’s surroundings.


Adding a digital wayfinding kiosk to your business is a great idea for several reasons. Using them can save you money on employee costs and improve customer service. They are an excellent way to future-proof your business by offering personalized informational solutions. Plus, with touchscreen options, visitors can find directions on their own. And digital wayfinding kiosks are sleek and look great, so visitors will love them!

The costs of digital wayfinding kiosks can vary depending on the size and type. Smaller digital kiosks are cheaper than large touchscreen displays, which are expensive. However, you’ll get more bang for your buck by investing in a kiosk with a larger display. A digital wayfinding kiosk can also be used for directional signage, such as displaying maps and directions to different locations. These devices are also great for outdoor areas where visitors can get directions without stepping foot inside a building.


If you want your customers to have a good experience in your business, installation of a digital wayfinding kiosk is a great idea. Not only will your customers find it easier to get to your business, but they will also have more options for how to find your business. This is one of the many ways that these kiosks can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors. Listed below are several advantages of installing this digital wayfinding kiosk in your business.

One of the biggest benefits of a digital wayfinding kiosk is that it can eliminate the need for paper maps, so your visitors do not have to spend money on buying a paper map. You can also integrate it with your school’s or brand’s mobile app to deliver information to customers based on their specific intent. This wayfinding solution not only directs customers to the right place, but it also helps you cut back on your customer service personnel and reduce the overall cost of running your business.