What is the Best Box for Shipping?

Choosing the best box for shipping depends on the size and weight of your package. You also want to consider shipping service costs and size restrictions.

Boxes that are rated for crush resistance are better able to resist the forces a small package encounters in high-speed sorting facilities. However, burst strength is an important indicator as well.

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is a sturdy and versatile product packaging option. This type of packaging offers a number of benefits for businesses, including customization and protection. It is also eco-friendly. Its recyclable and biodegradable material conveys a commitment to sustainability that consumers appreciate.

Boxes made of corrugated material can be customized with a company’s logo to create a memorable unboxing experience for shoppers. Its durable construction also helps reduce shipping costs and warehouse storage space.

Corrugated packaging is available in a variety of flute profiles, including A, B, C, and E. Each of these flutes provides different levels of strength, which is reflected in the ECT (edge crush test) value. A higher ECT value indicates greater strength. The ECT value of a corrugated box is a good indicator of how much stacking pressure it can withstand.

Kraft Cardboard

For companies concerned about their environmental footprint, kraft boxes are the ideal choice. They can be printed using soy-based ink, and they are made from a highly renewable resource. In addition, kraft paper and cardboard are easy to recycle and biodegrade if they end up in landfills.

Custom packaging made from kraft boxes can also be a great way to add a personal touch to your products. This type of packaging can be a good way to connect with your customers and boost brand recognition.

It’s important to choose a box that is large enough to hold your items without leaving too much empty space. This will prevent your shipments from getting crushed and damaged during transit. You can use a box resizer tool to find the right size for your items.

Kraft Corrugated Mailers

A product’s packaging is just as important as the product itself. It must be strong and durable enough to protect it from the rigors of shipping, which means it may have to travel on trucks, planes, trains or ships before it reaches its destination. And if the box arrives damaged, it will reflect poorly on your brand and could lead to lost sales.

Kraft boxes are durable and sturdy, making them ideal for packaging delicate or fragile items. They’re also lightweight, which helps save on postage costs. And they’re easy to assemble, with no tape or glue needed.

Some businesses use kraft boxes with a white inner liner, which hides scuff marks and dirt to maintain a clean, high-end appearance. This is an especially good option for health, beauty or food products.

Easy-Fold Mailers

Mailers are ideal for shipping flat or thin, lightweight goods like apparel, books, framed pictures, wallets and more. They are easy to carry and offer customers a delightful experience when opening and unpacking their purchase. Additionally, mailers can be custom printed with branding or designs to increase customer engagement. They are also smaller and lighter than cardboard boxes, making them great for reducing dimensional weight which in turn helps eCommerce merchants save on heavy shipping costs.

When selecting the best box for shipping, consider the carrier’s minimums and maximums for package weight and dimension. Also consider the amount of time an employee will spend handling a particular type of box. If a worker has to fold and seal four flaps, this can add up quickly.

Front Lock Mailers

With dimensional weight now factoring into shipping costs, it’s important to find a box that fits your product perfectly without adding too much wasted space. That way, your boxes can travel safely with minimal jostling.

The right mailer box can help protect your products from damage while limiting returns. Sturdy Indestructo mailers are a great choice for e-commerce businesses because they can hold framed artwork and other tall, long items.

The front lock tabs on these boxes fold down and lock into place, which makes them easy to form and seal. Plus, they’re available in a wide range of sizes to suit your packaging needs. They also meet shipping carrier minimums and maximums for package dimensions. They can even save on tape costs because they don’t require any additional taping.

Extra-Fold Mailers

Mailers are a great option for your business when it comes to shipping products. They are lightweight and take up less space in your warehouse and on shipping vehicles during transit.

They also help reduce dimensional weight, which can significantly lower your shipping rates. They are ideal for mailing flat or thin items such as apparel, books, picture frames, wallets and sunglasses.

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They can easily be sealed with tape and are a convenient alternative to cardboard boxes. Choose a size that closely matches the size of your product and you will be ready to ship. Make sure your item(s) can fit inside with plenty of room for paper, bubble wrap or packing peanuts to keep them safe from damage during shipment. Uline has a wide variety of box sizes to accommodate any type of product.

Front-Lock Mailers

When it comes to shipping, there are many types of boxes. Choosing the right box can save your business money on shipping costs and protect your product. The best box for your needs depends on the size, style, and thickness of the box.

Corrugated boxes are popular with most eCommerce businesses. They are sturdy and easy to assemble. They also come in a variety of colors and sizes. They are also inexpensive.

Front-lock mailers have tabs on the outside of the box that won’t interfere with contents. They are easy to assemble and provide doublewall protection on all sides. These boxes are ideal for subscription box services and other bulk items. They are made from strong 32 ECT-B oyster white corrugated.