What to Look For in an Industrial Computer

industrial computer

When choosing an industrial computer, you have several options. Some of the most popular types are the TIM NetPC and Nuvo-9531, while others come in a DIN Rail or Embedded Box form factor. Read on for a list of pros and cons of each type. Also, check out our IPC comparison chart to learn more about the benefits and disadvantages of each type. Listed below are a few things to look for in an industrial computer.


A TIM NetPCQ is the latest addition to the TIM series of industrial computers. This compact device is designed to fit onto a DIN rail, and its dimensions are in mm. It has a 2 GB SSD and 3 x USB 2.0 ports, with an additional 2.5 W for an IR camera. TIM NetPCQs also feature USB 3.0 ports for faster data transfer and storage. The TIM NetPCQ offers additional benefits, including enhanced security and compliance with EU and international harmonized standards.

The TIM NetPCQ can be connected to a local area network or the internet. Once connected, it will automatically boot up and display the computers within the range of your selected IP address. If you’d like to connect to the thermoIMAGER TIM NetPCQ via the Internet, follow the steps below. Once the thermoIMAGER TIM NetPCQ is connected to your PC, you can configure the device’s network settings with the Netbox Utility program.


The Nuvo-9531 is a compact fanless embedded computer that offers excellent computing performance. Its large number of I/O ports make it an ideal choice for industrial applications that have limited installation space. It also supports high-speed Ethernet and USB 3.2 Gen1 ports, as well as two COM ports. Moreover, the Nuvo-9531 has two display-outputs and two mPCIe slots.

Neousys’ Nuvo-9531 industrial computer is based on a 7nm, 12-nanometer-generation Alder Lake processor. Its larger sibling, the Nuvo-9000, uses the high-end Alder Lake S-series processors. The rugged systems also feature dual-core SKUs that come with 12th Gen Pentium Gold or Celeron G series processors. Although Neousys did not mention what operating systems the two computers run, Linux and Windows should work well together.

Embedded Box IPC

When looking for a rugged industrial computer, an Embedded Box industrial computer is a great choice. Embedded PCs are designed for industrial use and are highly resistant to shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures. They are also maintenance-free and feature fan-less systems. Embedded Box industrial computers can handle a variety of tasks, from measuring to process automation. With many features, you can choose the perfect computer for any situation.

The Embedded Box PC 5000 Series offers scalability for input and output needs. The powerful Intel Core-i processors allow for easy scalability while providing high-level automation. The Embedded Box PC 5000 series is available in both a fanless and unbranded version for custom branding. The Embedded Box PC is ideal for machine vision applications, and it has plenty of expansion options for a variety of industries.


AIS DIN Rail IPCs are designed for critical industrial environments, including power plants, facility monitoring systems, and intelligent transportation systems. With a temperature range of -400C to 850C, these embedded PCs are capable of operating in harsh conditions. These rugged, industrial PCs can be installed in cabinets with other electronics to maintain proper operation, including temperature monitoring and control. And, because they are rugged and easy to install, they can withstand harsh conditions and meet safety agency requirements.

The compact design and precision display unit of a DIN Rail IPC make them ideal for control cabinets. They also help to save space in the control cabinet, which makes them ideal for a variety of industrial applications. Because they are space-saving and can be easily installed inside control cabinets, the DIN Rail IPC has a wide range of applications in every sector. While AIS and other manufacturers offer several different industrial PCs with different display and I/O modules, the DIN Rail IPC has the highest market share worldwide.

Thin Client

Thin Clients are a great alternative to traditional user terminals, but they aren’t created equal. Some industrial computers are designed for use in harsh environments, and others are not. This article explores the advantages of industrial thin clients and what makes them different from user terminals. Specifically, it will help you determine which ones to choose based on your specific needs. Listed below are some of the features you should look for in a thin client.

Integrated security is crucial when implementing a thin client solution. Since all thin clients are connected to a central server, you can ensure that no malicious code can get into the system. This also makes thin client systems easier to monitor, since all of the clients are connected to a single server. Depending on your application, you can choose a combination of hardware and software that are compatible with your specific requirements. If you don’t have the resources to purchase multiple systems, you can save money by using an existing industrial PC solution.

IoT Gateway

An Industrial computer IoT gateway is a great way to connect and track your machinery. By connecting your equipment to the internet, you can reduce downtime and maintenance costs. Industrial computer IoT gateways are versatile and are customizable, depending on the purpose of your equipment. Depending on your needs, you can find industrial computer IoT gateways that are optimized for your specific machineries. Listed below are the main advantages of industrial computer IoT gateways.

Ruggedness – Having an industrial computer is essential for IoT gateways. Ruggedness is vital because industrial applications are subject to extremes of temperature, humidity, vibration, and dust. Ruggedness also enables users to monitor and diagnose equipment remotely. A good industrial PC should be rugged, and it should be able to withstand such extremes. In addition to ruggedness, industrial computer gateways should also be compact.