Use Vistaprint For Creative Packaging Ideas

For businesses that aim to market their products in as cost-effective manner as possible, it is advisable to look into various packaging ideas. It is not enough for an online store to simply stock products in standard packaging; it is also essential to customize the packaging as much as possible. Creative packaging enables ecommerce merchants to express their brand to consumers in an inexpensive manner. Fully-customized packaging isn’t cheap, but fortunately many clever custom packaging ideas are actually quite cost-effective. In fact, some of these ideas can save your business money, especially if you have a product that sells for a low price per unit on average. Here are some tips about customizing packaging to sell online.

Packaging ideas

Glamorous, colorful custom boxes adorned with catchy slogans or embossed with exclusive artwork can make for a memorable shopping experience. Customers who receive an attractive package from a site such as Amazon will likely be more likely to give it a second look, and even plunk down money for more. Some companies offer printed stock boxes made specifically for this purpose, which are available in several colors and materials. They may come in a number of different sizes as well, allowing you to package different items and have them arrive in just the right shape. These boxes may also have built-in compartments to hold other small items, keeping everything organized and easy to find.

An unboxing experience that leaves customers satisfied and wanting more should be your ultimate goal when considering a custom boxes design. There are many options available for fully-customized packaging, including the kind that completely encases a product for easy storage and shipping. Other ideas include fully assembled, pre-boxed products, which often come with full instructions for assembling and shipping. Allowing your customer to assemble the item, whether they do it themselves or with the assistance of a friend or family member, can leave them with a fully-assembled product that they can take home and enjoy.

Many companies offer free standard shipping for orders over a certain amount. Vistaprint, Inc., however, offers an option for their customers to upgrade their free standard shipping to include expedited shipping for their “pro” packages. For this service, Vistaprint customers simply need to call or email with their order and add their Pro package to the list of items eligible for this free service. If the package qualifies, Vistaprint will send out two to three standard sized stock shipping boxes, one inside and one outside the U.S. for free, depending on the distance between the two destinations.

Customers who want to go beyond just packing materials and supplies to create an attractive presentation but don’t have a lot of money to spend on shipping costs will find Vistaprint’s economical yet customizable sticker options. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, these sticker options can be used to create custom looking products from everyday items. From cereal boxes to personalized lunch bags, Vistaprint stickers can help any business or personal project to achieve a professional look while sticking to a low budget. Vistaprint’s self-stick adhesive is reusable and won’t damage clothing, paper or wood while also helping to preserve the original appearance of the item it’s used on.

When it comes to creative packaging, pennies per order may seem like too much to pay for some companies. However, these pennies add up to big savings over time. Vistaprint’s customizable adhesive stickers are great for creating customized packages for any type of product, whether it’s food electronics, books or crafts. Customized packaging offers a unique way to not only advertise a product or create a memento of its creation, but also makes it easier for interested parties to locate the item and purchase it. Once a customer uses a Vistaprint sticker, she or he may be more inclined to buy other products or even return to the company, which can further increase the company’s profits.

If you need ideas for your next advertising campaign or packaging program, contact Vistaprint. They can provide a full custom printing solution and can customize any type of paper or product. Vistaprint is known for their high-quality and affordable stickers and shipping boxes, which means that businesses and individuals can get the most out of every dollar spent on their packaging program. Using Vistaprint allows businesses to show their customers that they care about the environment and will go the extra mile to make their products as environmentally friendly as possible.

Businesses that want to take the concept of custom packaging to the next level should consider Vistaprint stickers and other accessories. The cost range of these products doesn’t reflect the price of one sticker alone. The cost range for these customized accessories starts at two dollars and can go all the way up to ten dollars. This makes Vistaprint the ideal choice for a large number of business and personal customers. Vistaprint stickers and other promotional items are made from high quality vinyl, so you’re guaranteed to receive the visual attention you deserve with your advertising campaign.