A Guide to Trade Show Digital Kiosks

trade show digital kiosk

If you’re looking for a new trade show digital kiosk, here’s a guide that outlines some of the most popular ones. Here’s what you can expect from the KMA, NRA, and DSE. The industry is rebounding, with NRF and DSE showing up in May and ISE in Barcelona attracting 45K attendees. Other shows include the ATM Show in Florida, with 90 exhibitors and Bitcoin gaining prominence. And, in the near future, the Digital Signage Summit Europe will be held in Munich airport.

OnSpot Social

An OnSpot Social digital kiosk at a trade show is a great way to capture leads and build a social media community. The OnSpot Social iPad app has many features, including capturing customer information, email capture, and mobile content delivery. OnSpot Social also integrates with your existing marketing software, allowing you to transfer customer data from one platform to another. The software is available in several different versions, and you can download a free trial version to test the system.

OnSpot Social uses iBeacon technology to send push notifications to a mobile device. This gives your customers the option to contact you or scan the QR code on the kiosk. Additionally, it displays important information for visitors to read, such as job vacancies or apprenticeships. The company also uses beacon technology at its flagship event, CeBIT Hannover. Users can register their contact details in the careers section and receive notifications about available jobs and apprenticeships.

Formulate(r) iPad Kiosk 02

Whether you’re hosting an event, trade show, or retail environment, you’ll want to be sure to take your marketing materials along to be seen by as many people as possible. This freestanding tablet kiosk from Formulate is a great way to engage customers and present information in a modern way. With its weighted base and aluminum tube frame, this tablet kiosk is easy to transport and store, and its pillowcase fabric graphic makes it a perfect choice for retail environments, trade shows, and events.

The Formulate(r) iPad kiosk can be loaded with attractive tablet enclosures that match your brand identity. With so many uses, this mobile device can enhance the outcomes of any event. A tablet kiosk is the perfect marketing tool for delivering information on demand and is easy to set up. A freestanding tablet kiosk, on the other hand, can draw attention even when reps are busy. Most exhibitors have to use rented badge scanners for their events. However, these machines can capture badge scan data and be used for follow-up marketing.

Concierge digital kiosk

A Concierge digital kiosk is a convenient way to offer helpful information and book demonstrations. The kiosks can also help customers find important information about your hotel, such as nearby parking spots, directions, and phone numbers. While most kiosks are still in the development phase, you should consider implementing this type of technology to your trade show booth. However, this type of kiosk does have some risks. Before installing this type of kiosk at your next trade show, consider these tips to ensure your success.

First, ensure the Concierge digital kiosk has an intuitive interface. This means that the user can easily navigate through content. Customers can select their desired information, and they can easily filter through the various categories. They can also use filters and hashtag customization to further customize their experience. The digital kiosk can be branded for any organization, and the admin can control and approve the content on it. For example, the kiosk can have a message board to highlight special events, or a local restaurant. The options are endless.

Sslab Jr Interactive Table

For an interactive experience, consider the Sslab Jr Interactive Table, a 32″ touch screen display that can run any Android App or display your own content. It features a durable outer shell and is easy to clean and maintain. This model is available with an optional touch screen display. It can also be used for self-service interaction, digital signage, and interactive meetings. To get started with digital signage, download the free Sslab App for Android.

This interactive table is easy to maintain and kid-friendly, and has a 16AH rechargeable battery. It can be used in both vertical and horizontal orientations, and can be mounted on a wall or other surface. It’s powered by a standard outlet and has a built-in rechargeable battery to last a long time. The Sslab Jr is an easy, affordable way to get started with a digital kiosk at a trade show.

Blade Kiosks

Designed to be portable and flexible, the Blade Kiosks trade show digital booths are an excellent choice for your booth’s advertising needs. With an Ultra High Definition 4K display, Blade digital kiosks can showcase your company’s products and services in a crisp, clear picture. With optional touch screen display options, the Blade Kiosks trade show digital kiosks can be customized to fit your needs and your booth space.

The Blade digital kiosk includes everything you need to get started, except the operating system. However, you can also buy an Android board or Pocket PC to run your preferred operating system. The Blade Kiosk ships in a sturdy, hard-molded shipping case. You can add shelves and other accessories to make your kiosk even more functional. This trade show digital kiosk can accommodate up to four speakers and is compatible with both Windows and Android.