Reasons For Crane Installation Services in Ayer Rajah SG

Reasons For Crane Installation Services

Professional crane installers often include an estimated installation window or timeframe when providing quotes for their services. This period allows them to bring in their trucks, materials and cranes on consecutive days in order to install everything at your location in Ayer Rajah SG.

Loads must be carefully evaluated based on dimensions, weight, uniformity of shape and construction materials used. In addition, other factors must also be taken into account.


Installers of an overhead crane typically spend most of their initial site visit inspecting the area where the equipment will be situated to make sure all buildings and machinery/equipment is clear for installation to proceed smoothly.

Professional crane installers will conduct measurements on both the building and its structure to ensure that an overhead crane will fit safely within its designated space. Furthermore, they’ll identify any equipment or materials which must be moved or relocated prior to installing an overhead crane.

By installing a crane that meets their application needs, businesses can reduce worker’s compensation costs, lost time and medical expenses as a result of injuries, saving huge sums of money and increasing profitability. Furthermore, using remote control systems reduces the number of floor-based load movement vehicles required, thus leading to additional savings.


Cranes are large, heavy machinery that require expertise to operate safely. Misuse could result in injuries or property damage that significantly increases project costs; hiring a crane installation service will guarantee that the crane is installed and operating as intended.

Your crane installer will start by reviewing approved drawings and building prints to gain a deeper insight into the space that they will be working in, including any machinery, process lines or obstacles that might impede with installation of the crane. They should also identify areas considered danger zones in order to keep unauthorised individuals away while operating it.

Regular inspections of hoist and crane equipment are critical in order to reduce the likelihood of accidents caused by equipment failure. Daily checks, use of lockout tags and annual certified inspections should all be considered preventive safety measures.


Once we receive your purchase order, our crane installer will arrange a conference call with either you, your project manager (for installations at existing plants), or general contractor (for new construction sites). They will review any approved drawings and building prints signed off on, verify measurements and support loading ratings, identify process lines that could obstruct installation as well as ensure power is accessible from within your building before scheduling installation date and ensure all electrical work will be complete before scheduling installation date.

Once a crane installation schedule is agreed upon, all parties involved will be informed. Trucks, materials and equipment will begin arriving – before starting installation work in your designated window. When crew begins installation work they must remain on task without breaking their rhythm; any disruptions could greatly increase your costs.


Your company must carefully consider all associated costs when purchasing or renting a crane, such as transportation fees, installation charges, long-term maintenance and safety reviews. All should be factored into its decision.

Full-service crane companies can take the stress and worry away from you by handling these costs on your behalf and negotiating with electricity providers to secure fair energy rates for you.

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Routine maintenance may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it will save your company money in the long run. Proper care of equipment keeps it working in peak condition while cutting energy consumption; furthermore, regular inspections help avoid legal liabilities related to accidents and can protect from costly repairs and replacement costs that eat away at profits. Furthermore, well-kept cranes often command higher resale values should you decide to sell later.