Make Your Next Event a Success With a Mobile Phone Charging Kiosk

mobile phone charging kiosk

Currently, there are several mobile phone charging kiosks that are available to travelers at airports. Smarte Carte, a company that creates these kiosks, has installed forty charging kiosks in Akron-Canton, OH, Buffalo, NY, Boston, MA, and Syracuse, NY. Soon, it will be available in Houston, Oklahoma City, Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Syracuse. Smarte Carte is currently marketing its new service to airports nationwide.


Rather than rely on a traditional plug to power your phone, you can download the ChargeItSpot mobile phone charging kiosk app to find the closest charging stations in your area. You can even search by zip code or city, and get information about the hours and distance between stations. You can even set up the app to send you notifications when your battery runs low so you know when to head over to the nearest charging station.

The ChargeItSpot mobile phone charging kiosk has multiple benefits that make it the ideal retail investment. First, it offers multiple ways to engage with customers. For example, when a consumer charges their phone, Under Armour sends an opt-in SMS message that promotes the UA Record. Furthermore, you can lock the phone for added security. This allows consumers to avoid being ripped off by rogue kiosks.


If you want to make your event a success, consider adding a mobile phone charging kiosk to the venue. A Veloxity kiosk can be fully customized with your sponsor’s logo, and the company can even deliver analytics about where people charge their phones. They can even offer incentives for participants, like offering a prize for finding the most convenient charging location. And because the kiosks are customizable, you can place your own custom wrap on the kiosk.

Veloxity has several charging options, including a flagship model with a touchscreen display and lockers that support 98% of all mobile devices. For even more convenience, Veloxity also offers indestructible charging cables that are covered by a lifetime warranty. These kiosks have improved analytical capabilities and have increased social media interaction. The company estimates a customer retention rate of 16-20% with a mobile phone charging kiosk.


With a customizable design, a Brightbox mobile phone charging kiosk delivers interactive, high-resolution touch screens and brand messaging that keeps consumers engaged. This technology ensures the data and physical security of the phones charged. The system’s PCI-compliant, retractable charging chambers deliver fast, safe charge times at optimized manufacturer recommended rates. Brightbox mobile phone charging kiosks also provide restaurant and retail professionals with additional benefits, such as charging lockers, and can be offered to consumers as a complimentary or paid amenity.

In addition to offering secure charging lockers, Brightbox also offers digital signage, user surveys, and fleet management for a unique solution. It also offers a 10-inch interactive touchscreen and customizable swipe cards for added user convenience. Brightbox’s mobile phone charging kiosks are UL-certified to protect the physical security and data integrity of the phones. For added peace of mind, these charging lockers are PCI-compliant.


You can try out a ChargeTech mobile phone charging kiosk for 30 days. The free trial applies to S9/WM9, PCS5, CS6, and CS10 mobile phone charging stations. You can also try out a CS4 mobile phone charging station. During the trial, you can charge one cell phone for free, and you can keep the other one to use as you like. However, if you have any issues with the product, or if you find it to be defective, you should contact the company immediately.

When it comes to bringing ChargeTech mobile phone charging kiosks to your retail store, you need to consider the location of the kiosk. It can be placed in a prominent location or behind a counter or bar. You can also place the charging station behind a coat check area, which is convenient for both your guests and employees. In either case, you need to provide a secure space for customers to charge their phones. And, the best part is, the kiosks are free for customers.


With a mobile phone charging kiosk, you can offer free service to customers and promote your brand. These kiosks feature an open tabletops and clear pockets for posters and literature holders, allowing for custom branding. They can also be secured to prevent vandalism. ChargeCarte mobile phone charging kiosks come with an optional 5” touch screen. The design and branding options are endless. You can even make your kiosks look like a mobile phone charging station!

In addition to offering free charging, ChargeCarte kiosks provide convenient outlets for consumers to power their smartphones. These stations provide quick and convenient access to charging for most smartphones. Most kiosks accept major credit cards and charge devices in as little as 30 minutes. ChargeCarte mobile phone charging kiosks are an excellent way to promote a brand, increase foot traffic, and add real value to the consumer’s experience.