How long before seo takes effect? 4 factors to consider from Exposure Ninja

How long it takes for seo to work? This is probably the 2nd most common question that my seo clients ask. In my experience, it takes 3-12 months for your seo efforts to kick in and start seeing sites ranking up for their keywords. The difference is in local vs global rankings and how competitive the keywords are.

Anyway do you know what is the most popular seo question?

It might be “How much does SEO cost?” At least in my opinion as prospects come knocking on the door.

Today, we have Exposure Ninja sharing his insights on How Long SEO Takes.

4 – 12 months

His experiences varies across all his clients and there is no average. 4-12 months are the range depending on clients’ existing seo score and how much their budget is.

Impact Factors

Your competitors seo effects largely influence how much efforts you have to put in. If they are building a bunch of links every day and google is rewarding them, then I am afraid you have to match their backlinking velocity too.

Why does SEO take so long to work

Due to the mass pages in Google index, it takes time to collect the data and calculate the rankings and then shifting them across the different serps around the world.

How to speed up the ranking speed

Well, the common seo guidelines work well for improving the ranking speed. That is to uploading more content and build more backlinks.

Keep on working on your seo campaign. Don’t wait for any results and keep on pumping on content and backlinks. You will be rewarded if you are doing it correctly.

For more seo tips, pls refer to seo articles on medical , real estate, wine, financial and legal. You will learn a bunch of different seo tips by ranking in different industry. They really require different tactics as a counter to what your competitors are putting up.

3 thoughts on “How long before seo takes effect? 4 factors to consider from Exposure Ninja”

  1. In my case, it takes minimum 6 months to start seeing seo working and getting results. Usually you will see big volatile rankings before the 6 months mark. It can be discouraging if you are actively looking at the serp rankings. Good article . Looking to hear more from you.

  2. I agree generally with those time lines… Though it is possible to push forward the seo effects if you are good.

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